Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Anokijig Insider: Anokijig Announces a New Benefit Comedy Show !

The Anokijig Insider: Anokijig Announces a New Benefit Comedy Show !

The Anokijig Insider: Anokijig Announces a New Benefit Comedy Show !

The Anokijig Insider: Anokijig Announces a New Benefit Comedy Show !

Anokijig Announces a New Benefit Comedy Show !

Get your tickets NOW
Comic, Singer, Songwriter


Saturday November 26th, 2011
Plymouth High School Auditorium

Proceeds to benefit the
Anokijig Campership fund.
(funds from last years' event helped send 266 campers to camp in 2011)

Pat is a multi-talented musician, singer, songwriter & comedian renowned for unique performances of his original songs, including

“We Love The Green and Gold”!

Complete your Holiday festivities with family and friends by reveling in this hysterical show!
Help Benefit A Great Cause!
This will be Pat's only Sheboygan County appearance this holiday season.

Don't miss your chance to see a great show.

Tickets available NOW!

Stay tuned to Anokijig.com, Anokijig on Facebook, and The Anokijig Insider Blog for all of your Anokijig News.

Click "Anokijig Pat McCurdy Show" for all of the show details.

Enjoy a Pat's Video of "We Love the Green and Gold" by clicking HERE.

Monday, August 22, 2011

How Can I Help?

Summer camping season may be over at Anokijig, but that doesn't mean Camp still doesn't need your help.  The question is often asked of us- "How can I help?" and there are many ways.  Donations are always accepted and can always be designated for a specific purpose, like funding camperships or helping out the ranch program.

Volunteers are always needed year-round for groups and weekends at Anokijig, as well as special events that take place outside Anokijig, like the Rotary Founders' Club Casino Nite.  Did you know Anokijig now has their own page for volunteers on Facebook?   be sure to check it out and if you can lend a hand on a weekend or during a special event, we'd appreciate the help.

Another way to help is by saying "thank you" to those who have helped us.  Thanking someone for their generosity and support of Anokijig can be as simple as stopping by their Facebook page, liking it and leaving a note on their wall that lets them know how much you appreciate what they've done for Anokijig.  The left side of Anokijig's main Facebook page features businesses and organizations that have helped Anokijig in some very significant ways.  Liking them on Facebook & thanking them on their wall let's them know that their generosity impacts real people in a positive way.

This fall, we will be starting up our "Thank you Thursday" campaign again on our Facebook page and asking our supporters to thank those who have helped Anokijig.  It may sound simple and it only costs a minute of your time, but it is meaningful and it does make a difference.  While we're at it, we want to thank you for your support of Anokijig! See, that felt good, didn't it?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Latest Addition to the Anokijig Fleet

Regular readers of the Anokijig Insider will remember the feature we did on Ken & Melody Cavan's donation of a Kubota UTV a few years ago.  We're happy to report these generous supporters have made another donation to the Anokijig fleet- a brand-new Honda Foreman Rubicon.  This is the fourth ATV/UTV Ken & Melody have donated to Anokijig over the years and we can't thank them enough for their generosity.

We tried to get a photo of all four vehicles in the same place, but these vehicles are in such high demand at Anokijig, that we felt fortunate to find two in the same place, at the same time.  Anyone who has ever walked up the hill behind Western Lodge has probably noticed a few of these vehicles parked next to the kitchen windows.  These aren't the most glamorous of donations and they certainly aren't kept in the most obvious of areas at Camp, but they are integral to the operations of Anokijig and we don't know what we would do without them.

Many of our donors have preferences in what they give or how they support Anokijig.  Our campership program, which provides camping opportunities for underprivileged kids is extremely popular, as is support of our program areas.  These types of gifts are often high-profile or at least easy for donors to make a connection to how they benefit kids.  An ATV is not such a donation, because our campers never use them and they aren't directly used in our program areas.  However, their uses around camp, from hauling luggage trailers on check-in days, to providing access to hard-to-reach areas of Anokijig simply make Camp function.

Anokijig wouldn't be what it is today without our donors and while we appreciate all our donors, we feel especially fortunate to have supporters like Ken & Melody Cavan, who understand the needs of Anokijig on a behind-the-scenes level and are willing to support the infrastructure that makes the Anokijig engine run so well!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

What are the driving directions to Camp Anokijig?

You've remembered to pack everything for your child's first week at summer camp and you even made it out of the house on time.  Now, you suddenly find yourself 30 minutes from your house, heading in the general direction of Camp Anokijig, without actually knowing how to get there.  What do you do?  If you're like many folks, you summons the Internet, via your smart phone and begin searching for directions to Anokijig.  We thought we'd post them here, just in case you were having trouble with your navigation system.

If you're coming from the South, take I-43 North and exit to the left at the split for Highway 57, which directs you toward Plymouth.  At this point, you will be about 30 minutes from Anokijig.  Stay on Highway 57 North all the way through Random Lake, Waldo & Plymouth.  You will pass 23 as you head North of Plymouth and  a few miles up the road is Highway J.  Turn left on Highway J and head West.  The next major road is Highway E.  Turn right on Highway E and head North.  Camp Anokijig will be just a few miles up the road on the left hand (West) side and you will see our Indian head sign as you come up the hill.

If you are coming from the North, exit off I-43 at Highway 23 in Sheboygan and head West for several miles.  You will cross over Highway 57 and shortly after that, you will come up on Highway E.  Turn right on Highway E and head North for a few minutes and Camp Anokijig will be on your left (West) side of the road.

If you are coming from the West (or Madison area), take Highway 151 North to Highway 23 and head East on 23.  Shortly after you cross over Highway 67, you will come to Highway E.  Turn left on Highway E and head North for a few minutes and Camp Anokijig will be on your left (West) side of the road.

If you are coming from the East (or Sheboygan area), take Highway 23 West, crossing over Highway 57, until you reach Highway E.  Turn right on Highway E and head North for a few minutes and Camp Anokijig will be on your left (West) side of the road.

We hope these directions help you find Camp Anokijig, but if you still need assistance, please don't hesitate to call us at 920-893-0782

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Equestrian Teen Tour Summer Camp?

We thought our eyes were playing tricks on us when we read the story about the Equestrian Teen Tour Summer Camp.  Accommodations at Joseph Stalin's former estate, near Moscow, roudtrip airfare from New York, morning riding lessons, museum and cultural tours of Moscow, St. Petersburg, including ballet and opera performances.  How can we possibly compete with that?

The answer is we simply cannot.  Even though we have about 50 horses and nearly 400 acres of pristine rolling hills and forest land, our ranch program simply cannot hold a candle to the Equestrian Teen Tour Summer Camp.  However, families who aren't able to swing the $8,500 price tag for this one week "camp" experience may be able to afford to send their son or daughter to Camp Anokijig's ranch program, where we charge $7,905 per week less, although ground transportation (the camp bus) to and from Anokijig is not included in that price.

We must be doing something right, because Anokijig is nearly sold out for the remainder of the summer.  We do have some availability remaining, but space is limited.  Call the camp office today to save your spot at 920-893-0782

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Remaining Space is Limited at Anokijig for Summer Camp 2011

Every year we try to encourage folks to sign up early, as historically, Anokijig routinely sells out several of it's summer camp sessions. We're happy to report 2011 is no exception. Week Eight of summer camp at Anokijig sold out completely by June 20th and there are just a few openings remaining in some of the other weeks and programs. Here is the latest update:

  • Week Six has nine spots remaining
  • Week Seven has four spots remaining
  • Week Eight is sold out
  • Week Nine has 99 spots remaining
  • Week Six Stampers are sold out
  • Week Seven Stampers are sold out
  • Week Eight Stampers are sold out
  • Week Nine Stampers are nearly sold out
  • Week Six Sylvania Canoe & Fishing trip has three spots remaining
  • Week Seven Lake Superior Kayak trip has six spots remaining
  • Week Eight Rock, Roll & Splash has one spot remaining
  • Week Six Fishing Expedition I is nearly sold out
  • Week Seven Adventure Challenge is nearly sold out
  • Week Six Minicamp has nine spots remaining
  • Week Seven Minicamp has two spots remaining
  • Week Eight Minicamp is sold out
  • Week Nine Minicamp is nearly sold out
  • Week Six Circle A Riders has nine spots remaining
  • Week Seven Circle A Riders has four spots remaining
  • Week Eight Circle A Riders 13 spots available only to campers already registered for that week
  • Week Nine Circle A Riders has 14 spots remaining
  • Week Six Ranch Camp has six spots remaining
  • Week Seven Ranch Camp has four spots remaining
  • Week Eight Ranch Camp has six spots remaining only to campers already registered for that week
  • Week Nine Ranch Camp has 18 spots remaining
  • Week Six Noah's Ark day trip has eight spots remaining
  • Week Seven Noah's Ark day trip has four spots remaining
  • Week Eight Noah's Ark day trip has 14 spots remaining only to campers already registered for that week
  • Week Nine Noah's Ark day trip has 15 spots remaining
  • Week Six Fondy Sports day trip has nine spots remaining
  • Week Seven Fondy Sports day trip has four spots remaining
  • Week Eight Fondy Sports day trip has 17 spots remaining only to campers already registered for that week
  • Week Nine Fondy Sports day trip has 18 spots remaining
  • Week Seven Ropes Course day trip has four spots remaining
  • Week Nine Ropes Course day trip has 17 spots remaining
  • Week Six Paintball day trip has four spots remaining
  • Week Seven Paintball day trip has four spots remaining
  • Week Eight Paintball day trip has six spots remaining only to campers already registered for that week
  • Week Nine Paintball day trip has 13 spots remaining
  • Week Six Caving day trip has nine spots remaining
  • Week Eight Caving day trip has eleven spots remaining only to campers already registered for that week
  • Week Six EAA Air Venture day trip has nine spots remaining
  • Week Nine EAA Air Venture day trip has 20 spots remaining
As you can see, it pays to register early for Anokijig, especially considering those who registered prior to May 1st received a discount. This list may not be current, as our phones ring all day long. If you'd like to know which programs are currently available or would like to register your child for Anokijig, it's not too late. Call us at 920-893-0782 today!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Anokijig's Newest Skill: Drumming

Each year we try to add new and interesting skills at Anokijig. This year, drumming was added to the lineup, although that title is a bit misleading. Our head drumming (no pun intended) instructor, Sandy Stewart, has brought with her a host of percussion items, including a wide variety drums, as well as castanets, maracas, cowbells, claves, & g├╝iros, to name a few.

The end result is an enchanting musical experience, that adds a very cool ambiance to all of Anokijig, as the sounds of the drums echo through the hills and valleys of Anokijig.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Anokijig Print by Joe Garcia

Last month, the first Anokijig 100 go-kart event was held at Road America. That location seemed a fitting venue to debut a beautiful, limited edition watercolor painting of Camp Anokijig's boat house, created by acclaimed artist, Joe Garcia. Camp Anokijig was connected to Joe through former camper, counselor and long-time supporter, Phil Binks, who is a mutual friend. In fact, Phil composed the following description of this work, entitled, Rest Period.

Rest Period

By Phil Binks

Anokijig Alumni

November 2007

The summer days at Camp Anokijig are long and busy; reveille comes at 7:00 AM and taps at 9:00PM. After lunch, campers take a break from the day’s activities, as they have since the camp opened in 1926. Campers lounge on their bunks, some write letters home, others read and some take naps in the shade provided by their tent.

At the same time, down on Little Lake Elkhart just offshore from the “old rock Boathouse”, a snipe rests on a floating log, enjoying a little peace and quiet. In 1939, rocks gathered on the camp property were used to build the boathouse. This building has been a landmark ever since. When you return to camp from the west side of the lake, as you round Optimist Island, you can see only the old boathouse against the foliage.

When rest period is over, a big bell will ring, telling the campers that rest period has ended and the free period has begun. Campers will come running down to the waterfront to swim, paddle, row and fish. The hills will echo with the sound of youngsters having FUN. The little snipe will have to fly all the way around Indian Village Point to that secluded bay, to find a place to rest.

The Snipe has special meaning to old campers. Many of us got left holding a burlap sack in the dark, ankle deep water, calling “here snipe, here snipe”, until we realized this was a trick and the snipe hunt was phony. So little snipe, rest easy until you hear the bell. Then you’d better fly away fast!

Signed & numbered prints of this painting are available in limited quantities at Camp Anokijig. If you are interested in purchasing this print, please call the camp office at 1-800-741-6931. Click here to learn more about Joe Garcia. Special thanks to Angel Lithographing for underwriting the cost of producing these prints.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Karting for a Cause

 On Saturday, May 14, 2011, Camp Anokijig held the first Anokijig 100 Go-Kart Enduro fundraising event at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.  While Anokijig has held many different fundraising events in the past, this one was a little bit different.  The biggest difference was that this event was the first major fundraiser organized without the assistance of Anokijig's staff.  This is significant, because Camp Anokijig hosted an Indian Guide group at Anokijig the same weekend this event took place.  It is very difficult to be in two places at once and there are enough demands on our full-time staff, just making sure Anokijig runs as it should.  While Anokijig needs to fundraise, we cannot afford to do so at the expense of the quality of our regular programs.  This event allowed our staff to do their regular jobs of providing an outstanding camping experience for our guests from the Indian Guides. 

As with many of Anokijig's activities, this event could not have happened without the dedicated support of our many wonderful volunteers.  These people are responsible for more than 40,000 hours worth of work at Anokijig each year and while the Anokijig staff focused their efforts on Anokijig's operations, it was our volunteers who stepped forward to organize and run this event and we thank them for all of their hard work.

Just as this event would not have been possible without our volunteers, it also would not have been possible without our many generous sponsors and donors.  Donors include Anonymous, Steve Cottingham, Al Petkus, & Tom Vickers.  Sponsors include Bode Financial Group Ltd, KS Energy Services, OPTIMA Batteries, Inc., Twin Disc and a special thank you to the Elkhart Inn for providing us with our wonderful dinner for the evening.  The support of all these wonderful donors and sponsors, as well as that of our participants made it possible for this event to raise more than $10,000, which we think is pretty good for a first-time effort.

The existence of this event may come as a surprise to many of our supporters and that was by design.  Since this was a new fundraising event, we didn't want it's success to come at the expense of our other existing events.  We also know even our strongest supporters can only give so much of their time, treasure and talent. While there were a few familiar Anokijig faces in this crowd, many of the participants were relative newcomers to all things Anokijig.  This event was a tremendous opportunity for us to introduce Anokijig to a new audience and help further spread the word about all the great things we are doing for children and families.

Finally, is there a specific focus for this fundraising effort?  Yes.  While many of our fundraising efforts help fund camperships for deserving children, this event had a different purpose.  When the Friends of Camp Anokijig acquired Anokijig in 2005, they did so with loans from a bank and a very generous foundation.  While it seemed like a monumental task at the time, getting the loans and buying Anokijig was the easy part.  The real challenge comes in paying the loans off and we're making good headway.  As we enter into our sixth summer camping season as an independent, non-profit camp, we have paid off approximately $1.5 million of the $5.5 million purchase price.

That is quite an accomplishment and we've depended on the generosity of some wonderful people to make the kind of progress we have.  When we first started fundraising to eliminate our debt, experts warned us "debt reduction" is not a popular fundraising cause and they were right.  In spite of that challenge, we have received some tremendous support from very generous people.  Up until now, we have not come up with a way to properly and permanently recognize the people, groups and organizations, who have kept Anokijig going strong, including donors, volunteers and staff.  We'd like to do something about that and we're hoping the proceeds from this event (and future go-kart events) will help us in that regard.  Is "permanent supporter recognition" as an unpopular fundraising cause, like "debt reduction?"  We hope that is not the case and so far it doesn't seem to be.

This rendering has been created to help stimulate ideas, conversation and support for how we might go about permanently recognizing our wonderful supporters.  In this concept, the steps leading up to Western Lodge from the main parking lots have been re-built.  The uneven steps have been replaced with even steps and arrowheads featuring the names of donors have been placed in random patterns amongst aggregate stone work.  In addition, a similarly-designed wheelchair-accessible ramp has also been added, to make it easier for those with special needs to access Western Lodge.  These two pathways to Western Lodge surround a five-foot tall stone Anokijig Arrowhead monument, featuring a raised CA interlocked logo on the front and the names of Anokijig's supporters engraved on the back.

Repairing and replacing the stairways leading up to Western Lodge is on our long wish list of things to do at Anokijig and this concept would allow us to improve Anokijig's physical condition, while also providing us with the permanent means to recognize supporters, which we currently lack.  Special care has been taken to ensure this concept is in keeping with Anokijig's rustic setting.  Interlocking paving bricks are a proven concept and perhaps more cost-effective, but they really wouldn't look right at Anokijig. 

As we mentioned before, this rendering is simply a beginning and the money raised at this karting event is only a start.  Our hope is that someone might look at this idea and build on it, modify it or enhance it in some way that will allow us to move forward toward our goal.  If this particular concept or the idea of a way for us to permanently recognize the supporters who have made Anokijig what it is today interests you, contact Mary Krahn and ask her how you can get involved.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Your Child Could Make The Catch of a Lifetime This Summer!

One of the great benefits of Camp Anokijig being located in Sheboygan County, is our close proximity to Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is a tremendous natural resource and one that presents a wonderful opportunity for us to expose our campers to fishing for salmon on the Great Lakes.

As you can see from this video, the typical fish caught on one of these outings easily exceeds the size of the biggest fish many folks will catch on their best trip to an inland lake. These campers were all a part of our Expedition Fishing program, one of several different specialty camping opportunities we offer every summer at Camp Anokijig. If you'd like more information on this program, our Irish Dance Camp, Yoga Camp, or Competitive Swim Camp program, please call us today at 1-800-741-6931 today!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Catching Fish at Summer Camp...and lots of them!

One of Camp Anokijig's most-popular activities is fishing and Little Elkhart Lake is perfect setting for doing just that.  Kids can start out small, catching pan fish and work their way up to reeling in large mouth bass the size of their thigh (or so our fish stories usually go).  Anokijig campers actually do quite well at not just fishing, but catching and our wonderful staff is there to help them every step of the way.

Some of our campers are really avid fishermen and prefer an even more involved fishing experience.  For those campers, we offer our Fishing Expedition programs.  These campers will do night fishing for bass, northern and pan fish, as well as learn how to fly fish.  Their fly-fishing skills will be put to the test when we take them to one of our area trout ponds and weather-permitting, we'll cap the week off with a chartered fishing trip on Lake Michigan, to catch the really big ones and those fish really are as big as their thighs!

It is easy to talk about all the fish your child can catch during a week at Anokijig, but is the fishing really that good?  Watch this video and decide for yourself-

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One Less Camp and Fewer Opportunities for Children & Families

We were very saddened to hear of the closing of Camp Algonquin, which was run by the YMCA of McHenry County. Sad because we know how perilously close Anokijig came to meeting a similar fate, when the Racine YMCA decided to sell Anokijig in 2005. Sad because we know Camp Algonquin served an important role in it's community for thousands of children and families for more than 100 years. Sad because we know when camps close, new camps do not open somewhere else to replace them, rather, we are simply left with one less camp.

Algonquin's closing will likely signal the end of outdoor experiences for many of it's former campers, while Anokijig may see a new group of displaced Algonquin campers this summer, who are seeking out camping alternatives. That is certainly not the circumstances under which we would like to welcome new campers. We know the special feelings a summer camp can foster in the hearts and minds of those who attend it and we know Algonquin will be missed by all those who were fortunate enough to have camping experiences there.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't miss your chance at Anokijig Summer Camp 2011

With winter breathing its last breath, it’s time for spring at Anokijig. This very weekend a host of volunteers will arrive to start bringing Anokijig Summer Camp out of storage!

The days for swimming, sailing, fishing, horserides, drama, dance, campfires, archery, beach parties, and all the summer fun are just around the corner.

The Anokijig staff is busy making plans and preparations for this to be the best summer ever. All of our great returning programs are getting ready as well as new specialty skills like Yoga, Theatre in the Woods, and Irish Dance, plus a great new day trip to the EAA Air museum. This is going to be one of the most exciting summers ever!

Now that the days are longer, temperatures warmer, and summer sports activity schedules are out; our office has registrations pouring in. Since we never want to see a camper miss out on a chance to return to Anokijig, we thought we’d drop you a line just to be sure that if you haven’t already signed up for your 2011 session; now is the time.

If you are looking to come a particular week, with certain friends, for your favorite “special theme day”, or on one of our great trips, please sign up now. It would be a shame if you missed your favorites because they filled before you were able to register. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the fun.

We’ve made it incredibly easy to get yourself a spot. If you still need to reserve your date; choose your method:

It’s time for another summer of Outrageous Fun, New Friends, Old Friends, and Incredible Experiences.

Unfortunately if you wait too long you may find your chosen week, trip, or program full; so please don’t delay!

We also know that in today’s economy decisions may be a little tougher to make. Remember that at Anokijig we do have some programs that might help.

  • All campers can participate in candy sales (50% of every bar sold goes directly to the campers’ account).
  • Our unique internet fundraising sales (magazines, gifts, candies, with 40% of every item sold going directly to the campers’ account).
  • For campers 14 years old or older the Stamper program is priced significantly lower in exchange for the campers’ service in the dining/dish room area for one meal per day.
  • Partial or Full camperships based on financial need are available.

For information on any of these programs please feel to contact our office at 1-800-741-6931 (920-893-0782) or anokijig@excel.net.

For information on all of our programs and happenings see www.anokijig.com.

If you are one of the many that have already secured your session; WELCOME BACK! We can’t wait to see you! Also remember if you recruit a new friend to come to camp you get a discount, recruit 5 new friends and your week is FREE. Or maybe that lets you come for another week of camp and more Outrageous Fun!

Anokijig 2011 is going to be great. Let us be your summer stimulus package. Sign-up now!

See you this summer!

Take Care,
Darin Holden
Program Director
Camp Anokijig
"Anokijig Changes Lives"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anokijig's Pellet Gun Program is ready for 2011!

The Illinois 4H program began a shooting sports program last year and the response has been tremendous. In fact, they've had to turn some kids away, due to a lack of qualified instructors. We're always disappointed to hear such news, because we know the value of kids trying new activities and learning important safety procedures and skills.

Anokijig's pellet gun range is one of our newer skill areas, but it has already become one of our most-popular and we do have plenty of space available. If your child is in Mercer, Henderson, Warren or any other county that does not have enough qualified instructors, please consider Camp Anokijig as an alternative. Your kids will love it!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is Tonight Your Lucky Night?

The Racine Founders Rotary Club is hosting their Vegas Night fundraiser in Racine tonight! Proceeds from this fantastic event will go to benefit Camp Anokijig and we are extremely grateful to have such wonderful partners in the community as the Racine Founders Rotary Club. This event simply could not happen, were it not for the assistance of our fantastic volunteers, who take time out of their weekend to pitch in and help work the event and we thank you very much for your assistance!

You don't need to be Danny Ocean to be a big winner at this event, anyone who participates wins, because they are helping make Camp Anokijig a better place for future generations. Please join us at Racine's Festival Hall tonight from 7PM to 10PM and good luck!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Nature- Just What the Doctor Ordered

Today's USA Today has a very interesting story about a national consortium of federal parks and the National Environmental Education Foundation and a new program they are trying, where people are giving "nature prescriptions." The prescriptions encourage patients to eat more fruits & vegetables, step away from the TV or computer and go outside and breathe fresh air, awaken their senses and lose some weight in the process. That sounds a whole lot like a typical day at Camp Anokijig.

We often forget it when we spend so much time at Anokijig, but just the layout of our facility almost necessitates that our campers will walk several miles each day, just going from their section to Western Lodge and around to various program areas. Anokijig's kitchen staff always offers healthy items and vegetarian options and our natural surroundings promote activity amongst our campers.

The story continues to talk about the significant obesity problem our country faces and nature hikes up hills that will "get your heart racing." Nestled in the rolling hills of Wisconsin's Kettle Moraine, we offer plenty of those hills for kids to scamper up and explore, all the while living a healthier lifestyle.

We're big fans of programs like these and not just because they very much mirror what we offer at Anokijig. Programs like these help promote our natural resources to the next generation. Kids can sit in a classroom and learn about rain forests and the importance of protecting our environment, but no amount of classroom learning can ever replicate a hands-on experience in a natural environment. When kids have a better understanding of their natural environment, they have a better appreciation for it. That results in a society that truly values these irreplaceable natural assets.

It is a win/win scenario and we hope momentum for this cause continues to grow. We'll keep doing our part! If you'd like to read the entire USA Today story, click on this link.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Help Wanted!

When Camp Anokijig was put up for sale and it's future put in jeopardy, our supporters rallied to keep Anokijig open. They came to us offering time, treasure and talent and we did our best to utilize all of those resources to save Anokijig.

We are now several years removed from those days of uncertainty, but Anokijig still needs your help. The Racine Founders Rotary Club has been holding an annual Vegas Night fundraiser, which in recent years, has benefited Anokijig in very significant ways. The Founders Rotary Club believes in the programs Anokijig offers and they see the benefits we provide to children and families and we greatly appreciate their support.

However, the Founders Rotary Club dedicates a tremendous amount of resources to making this event a success and they do ask for assistance from the organizations who directly benefit from it. So we want to put the word out to all of our tremendous adult (18+) volunteers that we need your help to make this event a success. The event takes place in Racine at Festival Hall on March 5th and we would need volunteers between 6PM and 10PM.

The evening includes “funny money” casino games, a silent auction, a grand prize drawing, and a Texas Hold’em Tournament. We’ll need people to run games, deal cards, help with food, and many other positions. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to run a casino game, part of the program is to teach you.

If you are available for all or part of that time, come join Jim, Darin, Don, the Scotts, Lauren, Mary, and the rest of the Anokijig crew, as we have a great fun time raising money for Anokijig.

If you have always wanted to volunteer for camp but haven’t been able to make it up for an event, a weekend, or week, this is your chance to make a difference! If you are over 18 and would like to volunteer, please contact Anokijig at 1-800-741-6931, or email Darin at darinh@excel.net, and tell us that you’re “ALL IN.”

We hope to see you there. Keep thinking warm thoughts and remember, we're just 115 away from the start of summer camp!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This is the final installment of a three-part story on Camp Anokijig's Western Lodge and was originally published in the August 1949 issue of Western Publishing's Westerner newsletter:

Raymond O. Jondahl of Western Commercial Sales at Racine and Vice President of the Racine YMCA, acted as master of ceremonies at the dedication. Mr. Theodore Johnson, President of the YMCA, accepted the gift on behalf of the Association and pointed out that Western had made more than a mere investment of money in the Lodge.

"You invested in the lives of thousands of young men and women," he told Westerners in his speech, "and your investment will pay dividends in a better America in years to come." Other speakers on the program included Rev. Francis P. Ihrmann of the First Presbyterian Church, Rev. M.A. Simonsen of the First Evangelical United Brethren Church, YMCA Secretary Harold Frame and Camp Director Ray Vance.

The highlight of the ceremony was the unveiling by Mr. Wadewitz of the Western Lodge sign, which decorates the front porch of the building and gives it lasting identity. The log from which the sign was fashioned was cut from Wisconsin forests about 400 miles north of Racine by old Indian forestry workers, who know their forest lore.

There are not many pines of this age and size remaining and the log selected is estimated to be about 227 years old, a mere sapling at the time when George Washington was the age of present-day campers at Anokijig. The log was seasoned for almost two years in preparation for its present use. Into its surface have been burned the simple words, Western Lodge.

It is suspended by heavy chains and has been treated for protection against the elements, so that it will long serve to identify the camp headquarters of Anokijig as the gift of Western people who have confidence in our youth and faith in their future.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anokijig's Western Lodge Part Two

This is the second of a three-part story on Camp Anokijig's Western Lodge and was originally published in the August 1949 issue of Western Publishing's Westerner newsletter:

E.H. Wadewitz, President of Western Printing & Lithographing Company, who made the official presentation speech on behalf of his fellow Westerners, told the gathering of Western's interest in serving the community and its policy of expressing confidence in the future.

"Our best hope for the future of Racine and all America," he said, "is the sound Christian development of our youth so that they will be strong in spirit, mind and body to meet their challenge as the citizens of tomorrow. As an industrial concern, we are vitally interested in the building of men and better men for the future. We are proud that Western Lodge bears our name and we hope it will serve long and well in the interests of American Youth."

Mr. Wadewitz, himself, has been a member of the Racine YMCA for over fifty years and is now its oldest living member in point of service. he stated that many other Westerners had been helped to a good start in life through the fine character-building programs of the YMCA and that, now, their sons and grandsons were following in their footsteps. The boys and girls of many Westerners at Racine today enjoy the facilities of Camp Anokijig, together with hundreds of other youngsters from many Midwestern communities.

Those pictured from left to right are Rev. Francis P. Ihrmann, Rev. M.A. Simonsen, Theodore Johnson, E.H. Wadewitz, Raymond O. Jondahl, Harold Frame & Ray Vance. Tomorrow's final installment includes a unique back story about an Anokijig landmark.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Anokijig's Western Lodge Part One

This is the first of a three-part story on Camp Anokijig's Western Lodge and was originally published in the August 1949 issue of Western Publishing's Westerner newsletter:

On Sunday, August 14, 1949, hundreds of people attended the official dedication of Western Lodge at Camp Anokijig, the 130-acre paradise of water and woodland operated by the Racine YMCA as a summer haven for boys and girls. Rising high on a hill overlooking Little Elkhart Lake near Plymouth, Wisconsin, this handsome log structure, reputed to be the largest of it's kind in the state of Wisconsin, is the gift to the Racine YMCA of Western Printing & Lithographing Company.

With a crew at one time of 23 lumberjacks from Northern Wisconsin and other contractors working on its construction, it was completed in 1948 and will serve as the main headquarters of the camp. The main room, with a large stone fireplace and overhead log trusses, without a single supporting beam for the ceiling, comprises the dining hall, which will seat 300 people for serving. The entire structure is 100 feet by 72 feet, high enough to be a two-story building, but designed as a one-story, high ceiling building. Its four block-house type corners give it a historic appearance in keeping with the architecture of early Wisconsin and the space is devoted to library and rainy-day recreation.

In the adjoining kitchen and pantries on the main floor are the most modern cooking and serving facilities, running water, sinks and even automatic dish-washing equipment. On the same floor are the camp offices, conference room and so-called kitchen-dining room, which has a fireplace of its own and all necessary facilities for a wintertime visit to camp. In the basement, which underlies one-fourth of the building are workshops, storage space for camp equipment, food storage space with walk-in type of refrigeration, laundry, shower bath, furnace and boiler room.

Prominent YMCA officials have proclaimed Western Lodge as the finest camp building of its kind and it is estimated that it will serve the interests of campers for a period of at least 100 years. That means it will help make camping enjoyable for several hundred thousand boys and girls of future generations.

Tomorrow- the people behind the donation and creation of Western Lodge

Monday, January 24, 2011

Camp Anokijig Gives Back to Racine

Camp Anokijig's relationship with the Racine community goes back to our very origin, as it was Uncle Adolph Gillund and Ray Vance from the Racine YMCA, who found the location and founded the camp we now call Anokijig. Over the years since, hundreds of thousands have traveled down the winding road that leads to Anokijig and many of our visitors started their journey in Racine.

In turn, Anokijig has supported the Racine community for many years, providing a wholesome environment for young people and families to learn about their natural environment (and themselves), as well as providing millions of dollars for programs in the Racine community. We continue to pursue our motto of serving and in the last two years, we distributed nearly $52,000 worth of camperships to the Racine community through both individuals and schools.

The actual value of camperships we offered to Racine is much higher, although not every school takes advantage of our campership offer. However, schools like S.C. Johnson elementary, Wind Point, Racine Christian, William Giese, Red Apple, Stephen Bull, Jerstad, Schulte, St. John Lutheran, Knapp, Mitchell, Prairie, St. Edward, 21st Century Prep, and North Park have all sent children to Anokijig with camperships. We are happy to welcome them and look forward to more of the same going forward.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sign up for Summer Camp & Save Money!

The first day of summer camp is less than five months away and while that may seem like a long way off, it will be here before we know it. We understand many families like to plan their schedules early in the year, so we make every effort to open up our summer registration as soon as possible.

Even with months of time to prepare, we always seem to end up with kids on waiting lists, who miss out on our most-popular weeks, because they didn't sign up in time. We don't want your child to be left out of all the fun and excitement that comes with being an Anokijig camper, so we're doing our part to encourage parents to make sure their child doesn't get left out this summer.

Parents who sign their children up for summer camp at Anokijig before May 1, 2011 will receive a discounted rate of $540 per week. After May 1st, a week at Anokijig will cost our regular fee of $565. We know there is still plenty of time, but please don't wait too long because space is limited. Click on this link to sign your child up today!