Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where Is The List of Items to Pack or Bring to Camp Anokijig?

The Anokijig Insider blog has been around for over two years now, although it seems like just yesterday that we started it. It's been a great tool for us to connect with many of our supporters and campers, but it's also been a valuable resource in identifying ways that we can improve our presence on the Internet.

We recently noticed that someone from St. Charles, Illinois did a Google search, to find the list of items that should accompany a camper on a trip to Anokijig. Their search sent them here, but we didn't have the information posted here, just a combination of keywords that pushed us to the top of the list. We do supply all this information to all campers with their registration information, but we know how things can get misplaced in a house full of kids.

That's why we also post the information on our main website. We know it's there, because we're the ones who put it there. However, we tried to search the website as we thought a person would, who is not that familiar with Anokijig or our site and we found that it might be a little tricky to locate this specific information on our main site.

We are adding that to a long list of changes that will be made to in the near future, but we won't be able to begin overhauling the website until the summer camping season has ended. Until that happens, we'll provide a direct link here, which should pop up on Google and other search engines in a relatively short amount of time.

So, if you are searching for the packing list for Camp Anokijig, just click on that link and it will provide that information for you, plus a whole lot more. We can't wait to see you!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Learning to Swim- One of Life's Most Important Skills!

There was a time in this country, that many major universities required that students demonstrate proficiency in swimming, prior to graduation. The thought behind this requirement was that universities were preparing young people with the skills needed to survive in the world.

These universities knew that virtually all of their graduates would find themselves in a situation at some point in their life, where they needed to know how to swim and they wanted them to be ready. Sadly, this requirement has been dropped at many schools and many people are now left to learn how to swim on their own. Some families love being in and around the water and children in those families generally learn at a very young age. However, there are many families that do not spend much time around the water and as a result, those children often lack basic swimming or water survival skills.

Swim tests are one of the first activities for all Anokijig campers. We surrouned a beautiful lake and many of our activities take place in it or near it, so we need to know what kind of swimmers our campers are. Some campers come to Anokijig having never learned how to swim, while other campers do know how to swim, but have a fear of any body of water that doesn't have chlorine in it. Our swim program helps all Anokijig campers develop a comfort level in lake water, with many of our campers learning how to swim.

We think this is still an important skill for all of our campers to learn and we're happy to be able to provide this service to children and families. We recently created a YouTube video that also talks about our swimming program, which you can watch here-

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Problem Every Wisconsin Summer Camp Would Like To Have

As week four of Anokijig's summer camping season draws to a close, we're faced with a familiar dilemma for weeks five through eight- we're sold out! No matter how many times we encourage parents to register early on the Anokijig Insider or our Facebook page, we always seem to run into this same situation.

Kids come to Anokijig in the early weeks and have a blast. They end up wanting to return for another week later in the summer and those campers, combined with late registrations fill up the latter portion of our camping season, leaving hundreds of campers on waiting lists.

We do still have room in Week nine, which runs from August 8th to the 14th, but outside of that week, we're packed solid. If you weren't able to send your child to Anokijig this summer or weren't able to send them back for another week, there's still an opportunity to join us on one of our three remaining family camping weekends. These weekends are tremendous values have become an annual tradition for many of our families. For more information on our family camping weekends, please visit this link-

Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Camp Space at Anokijig Still Available, but Limited

Week Three at Anokijig has been a lot of fun and we still have six more weeks to go!  However, if you want to send your child to Anokijig and haven't signed up yet, you're running out of time.

We now have waiting lists for Weeks Five through Eight.  If we find we are able to accommodate children on waiting lists during one of those weeks, we'll certainly do our best to fit them in.  Week Nine still has plenty of space available, but don't delay or it may fill up on you as well and summer will be over!  For more information, call Camp today at 1-800-741-6931