Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Registration Is In Full-Swing

There is less than a month to go before the start of Camp Anokijig's 2010 summer camping season and we are already seeing registrations ahead of last year's pace in some of our weeks. There is still room available in all of our weeks, however, some programs are already reaching capacity.

Our Stamper program had already filled up for Week 3. Weeks 4-7 and 9 are also filling up quickly, so if your child is interested in our Stamper program, don't delay in signing up!

The following programs are also nearing capacity, so be sure to register soon, to ensure your first choice-

  • Week 4 Whitewater Adventure Trip
  • Week 4 Competitive Swim Camp
  • Week 5 Fishing Expedition II
  • Week 5 Noah's Ark Trip
  • Week 6 Paintball

Friday, May 21, 2010

Join Us For Taste of the Outdoors!

The leaves are all on the trees, the rain has stopped falling and final preparations are being made for Camp Anokijig's Taste of the Outdoors weekend. Our doors will swing wide open at 9:30 AM on May 22nd & 23rd for an all-you-can eat lumberjack breakfast.

We'll also be offering lumberjack games, including a tomahawk throw, cross-cut saw contest and frying pan toss. We'll also have many of our familiar program areas open, including archery, the waterfront area, including all kinds of boats, canoes and kayaks. We'll also be offering majestic boat rides around Little Elkhart Lake and races in our massive Voyageur canoes. Our nature center will also be open, along with face-painting, and thanks to the hard work of our Camp Director, Jim Scherer, we'll also be offering cane pole fishing for any aspiring anglers.

Admission is just $9 for kids 12 and over, 4-11 are $5 and anyone under four gets in free! Best of all, the proceeds from this event will go to benefit the Anokijig Scholarship Fund, which helps send deserving kids to Anokijig. We hope you'll join us for this wonderful weekend. We've looked at the forecast and it's going to be a great weekend to be at Anokijig!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So Your Daughter Wants a Horse?

Is your daughter so interested in horses, that she would like you to buy one for her? You're not alone. We always want to provide wonderful learning opportunities for our children, but from an ownership perspective, how much does it cost to own a horse?

We can start with the purchase price. Although some horses can cost tens of thousands of dollars, for a first-time rider/owner, a good horse can probably be found for well under $1,000. Let's conservatively say you can find one for $600.

The next expense will come in stabling fees. If you happen to live on a 10-acre parcel of land, you might be able to save a significant amount of money on boarding, by keeping the horse on your property (if your community zoning laws allow it). If not, monthly boarding fees can run anywhere from $200-500 per month. Let's again suppose you can find a very affordable place to keep your horse, which is also a short drive from your home and it only costs $200/month. With the cost of the horse, that puts us at $3,000.

As it turns out, the board was so cheap, because it didn't include feed. An average horse can eat about 20 lbs. of hay per day (1/2 bale). That can also vary, based on how much a horse grazes, but if we calculate 183 bales of hay at about $2.50/bale, that adds a approximately $450 more in just the first year, bringing our grand total up to $3,450. Most horses should also get some grain, so we can conservatively add another $150 a year, bringing our total so far to $3,600.

Some boarding fees include bedding, which can run about $200/year, so we'll again be conservative and assume that's included in the $200/month boarding fee. We'll also assume that bargain of a boarding fee includes mucking of the stalls (stall cleaning), so we wont tack any additional expense onto that.

Your horse will need to get shots twice a year, so do plan on paying a veterinarian about $300 per year, bringing our total up to $3,900 per year. You'll also need to pay a farrier to keep your horses' hooves properly-trimmed. That can sometimes get expensive, if an animal needs shoes (just like kids, huh?), but we'll assume it's healthy in that regard and you'll only spend another $100 a year, bringing your total up to $4,000. You're almost ready to go. All you need now is another $500 for tack, which includes a helmet, saddle, blanket, bridle and other riding equipment. If your daughter has little or no experience on a horse, you'll probably want to make sure she gets good instruction, so add another $1,000 per year onto our total and when it's all added up our the first year of horse ownership will run you at least $5,500.

This assumes you don't want mortality insurance on your horse and your daughter doesn't have expensive tastes in horses, stables, clothes or riding lessons. The good news is, that initial $5,500 investment drops by at least $1,000 in year two, because you won't need to buy a new horse and tack every year (at least in theory). In subsequent years, spending $4,000 per year on a horse can be done, provided the horse stays healthy and you don't end up buying a horse trailer, so your daughter can go riding in other places. Some horses can live for 20 years or more, so assuming your daughter will never let you sell "Blacky" or whatever your horses' name is, this purchase could approach nearly $100,000 over the life of the horse.

Why do we lay all this information out for you? Because Camp Anokijig offers a reasonable alternative to buying a horse- use one of ours! We have more than 50 horses at Anokijig, many of them formerly owned by parents just like you. We also have dozens of miles of riding trails, all the tack, hay, safety equipment and proper riding instruction that any youngster needs. All this can be had for just $580 per week and that includes food, lodging and all the other fun activities at Anokijig! If you would like more information on our Ranch program, follow this link.

$5,500 vs. $580 The math makes the choice look simple, but we know kids always do their best to complicate things. Even if your daughter insists on her own horse, why not encourage her to spend some time learning her way around them at Anokijig, before buying one of her own? She might fall in love with one of our horses and decide she doesn't want one of her own or she could just decide horses weren't her cup of tea. Either outcome could end up saving you thousands of dollars and countless headaches.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Tee'd Off For Kids

Do you like to golf? Do you want to help Anokijig? Have we got a deal for you!! Camp Anokijig has been chosen by the Sheboygan Jaycees as a beneficiary of their annual golf tournament!

We need to enter at least one foursome in the tournament, but wouldn’t it be great to have tons of Anokijig supporters enjoying a day on the links together? Besides a fun, four-person scramble format, you will have a chance to win bunches of fantastic hole and raffle prizes, even a BRAND NEW CAR!

Entry fee includes greens fees, golf cart, lunch, 2010 Golf Days souvenir and a golfer goodie bag. For more information, visit the Jaycees site- http://www.sheboyganjaycees.com/index.php?section=15

Can anyone say FORE!!?!!? Or make that four– rustle up four of your friends to join us on June 11th at the Town and Country Golf Course- W1945 County J in Sheboygan.

Please note, entries must be postmarked by May 22nd. Since June 11th is a Friday and some of you live a distance away, lodging will be available at Camp Thursday and Friday night. Please contact Darin at darinh@excel.net to make arrangements.

If you are not a golfer, but would still like to help Anokijig, we are in need of volunteers to help on the course on the day of the event. Please contact Mary Krahn at marykrahn@excel.net to sign up. We look forward to seeing you on the links!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vote For Susan Bemis to Help Send Kids to Anokijig!

A Vote for Susan Bemis is a vote for the kids of Camp Anokijig. Come join us, it will make you feel good!

If you like Dancing with the Stars and think we need to do more for less fortunate kids, you will love the Movers and Shaker Gala to benefit local charities, which includes sending kids to Camp Anokijig.

Susan Bemis of Bemis Manufacturing will dance the night away at the Movers and Shakers Gala at Lakeland College on May 22nd. All the participants are donating their time and talent to raise funds for non-profit organizations and Susan has generously chosen Camp Anokijig to be her selected benefactor.

Susan is one of a group of area “celebrities” showing off their best dance moves as a part of the Movers and Shakers Gala at Lakeland College. On Saturday, May 22, the Todd Wehr Center at Lakeland will be transformed into an elegant ballroom, complete with beautiful decorations and huge video screens to provide the who’s who with a lush stage to showcase their best moves.

The celebrities have been paired with a professional dancer and are in the midst of training, before they compete to win the support of three professional judges, one guest judge, plus votes from friends and fans.

Your vote counts! You don’t have to attend the event to help support Camp Anokijig. Votes are $20 each and for every vote that Susan receives, dollars will be presented to the Camp Anokijig Scholarship Fund for less fortunate children. Anyone can purchase votes prior to the event at http://www.moversandshakersgala.org/ The deadline for voting is 9:00 p.m. on May 22nd so please vote early and often!

Thanks for being a part of all that Anokijig does for kids.

Jim Scherer
Executive Director, Camp Anokijig

P.S. Why not forward this message to all your friends and ask them to support our efforts to send less fortunate kids to Camp Anokijig? It will make them feel good too!