Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Anokijig Print by Joe Garcia

Last month, the first Anokijig 100 go-kart event was held at Road America. That location seemed a fitting venue to debut a beautiful, limited edition watercolor painting of Camp Anokijig's boat house, created by acclaimed artist, Joe Garcia. Camp Anokijig was connected to Joe through former camper, counselor and long-time supporter, Phil Binks, who is a mutual friend. In fact, Phil composed the following description of this work, entitled, Rest Period.

Rest Period

By Phil Binks

Anokijig Alumni

November 2007

The summer days at Camp Anokijig are long and busy; reveille comes at 7:00 AM and taps at 9:00PM. After lunch, campers take a break from the day’s activities, as they have since the camp opened in 1926. Campers lounge on their bunks, some write letters home, others read and some take naps in the shade provided by their tent.

At the same time, down on Little Lake Elkhart just offshore from the “old rock Boathouse”, a snipe rests on a floating log, enjoying a little peace and quiet. In 1939, rocks gathered on the camp property were used to build the boathouse. This building has been a landmark ever since. When you return to camp from the west side of the lake, as you round Optimist Island, you can see only the old boathouse against the foliage.

When rest period is over, a big bell will ring, telling the campers that rest period has ended and the free period has begun. Campers will come running down to the waterfront to swim, paddle, row and fish. The hills will echo with the sound of youngsters having FUN. The little snipe will have to fly all the way around Indian Village Point to that secluded bay, to find a place to rest.

The Snipe has special meaning to old campers. Many of us got left holding a burlap sack in the dark, ankle deep water, calling “here snipe, here snipe”, until we realized this was a trick and the snipe hunt was phony. So little snipe, rest easy until you hear the bell. Then you’d better fly away fast!

Signed & numbered prints of this painting are available in limited quantities at Camp Anokijig. If you are interested in purchasing this print, please call the camp office at 1-800-741-6931. Click here to learn more about Joe Garcia. Special thanks to Angel Lithographing for underwriting the cost of producing these prints.

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