Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anokijig's Western Lodge Part Two

This is the second of a three-part story on Camp Anokijig's Western Lodge and was originally published in the August 1949 issue of Western Publishing's Westerner newsletter:

E.H. Wadewitz, President of Western Printing & Lithographing Company, who made the official presentation speech on behalf of his fellow Westerners, told the gathering of Western's interest in serving the community and its policy of expressing confidence in the future.

"Our best hope for the future of Racine and all America," he said, "is the sound Christian development of our youth so that they will be strong in spirit, mind and body to meet their challenge as the citizens of tomorrow. As an industrial concern, we are vitally interested in the building of men and better men for the future. We are proud that Western Lodge bears our name and we hope it will serve long and well in the interests of American Youth."

Mr. Wadewitz, himself, has been a member of the Racine YMCA for over fifty years and is now its oldest living member in point of service. he stated that many other Westerners had been helped to a good start in life through the fine character-building programs of the YMCA and that, now, their sons and grandsons were following in their footsteps. The boys and girls of many Westerners at Racine today enjoy the facilities of Camp Anokijig, together with hundreds of other youngsters from many Midwestern communities.

Those pictured from left to right are Rev. Francis P. Ihrmann, Rev. M.A. Simonsen, Theodore Johnson, E.H. Wadewitz, Raymond O. Jondahl, Harold Frame & Ray Vance. Tomorrow's final installment includes a unique back story about an Anokijig landmark.

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