Thursday, February 17, 2011

Help Wanted!

When Camp Anokijig was put up for sale and it's future put in jeopardy, our supporters rallied to keep Anokijig open. They came to us offering time, treasure and talent and we did our best to utilize all of those resources to save Anokijig.

We are now several years removed from those days of uncertainty, but Anokijig still needs your help. The Racine Founders Rotary Club has been holding an annual Vegas Night fundraiser, which in recent years, has benefited Anokijig in very significant ways. The Founders Rotary Club believes in the programs Anokijig offers and they see the benefits we provide to children and families and we greatly appreciate their support.

However, the Founders Rotary Club dedicates a tremendous amount of resources to making this event a success and they do ask for assistance from the organizations who directly benefit from it. So we want to put the word out to all of our tremendous adult (18+) volunteers that we need your help to make this event a success. The event takes place in Racine at Festival Hall on March 5th and we would need volunteers between 6PM and 10PM.

The evening includes “funny money” casino games, a silent auction, a grand prize drawing, and a Texas Hold’em Tournament. We’ll need people to run games, deal cards, help with food, and many other positions. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to run a casino game, part of the program is to teach you.

If you are available for all or part of that time, come join Jim, Darin, Don, the Scotts, Lauren, Mary, and the rest of the Anokijig crew, as we have a great fun time raising money for Anokijig.

If you have always wanted to volunteer for camp but haven’t been able to make it up for an event, a weekend, or week, this is your chance to make a difference! If you are over 18 and would like to volunteer, please contact Anokijig at 1-800-741-6931, or email Darin at, and tell us that you’re “ALL IN.”

We hope to see you there. Keep thinking warm thoughts and remember, we're just 115 away from the start of summer camp!

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