Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Refrigerators! How Cool Is That?!?

The Hussmann Refrigerator at Western Lodge is original equipment to this building and has been here since the lodge was dedicated in back in 1949. While we've had to replace some parts on it over the years, it's served us very well.

Unfortunately, our Hussmann has gotten so old, that some replacement parts (like gaskets) were getting very hard to find. We're also guessing refrigerators built after the creation of NASA are probably more efficient than our World War II-era model.

This is where Harry Schildkraut came into the picture. Mr. Schildkraut and his company, s2o Consultants, have been instrumental in upgrading many of the appliances in Western Lodge's kitchen. When he learned of our refrigerator situation, he began talking to his connections in the food service industry, to see if anyone might be able to help us upgrade our refrigerator.

Before too long, Mitch Cohen of Victory Refrigeration heard of our situation and offered two brand-new units-

Not only are these units larger, but they feature more shelf space and are undoubtedly less expensive to operate than the unit they replace. Every little bit makes a difference, especially when our annual electric bill is typically somewhere north of $17,000! Thank you Mitch Cohen, Victory Refrigeration, Harry Schildkraut and s2o Consultants!

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