Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bus-Free Horse Rides

Does this bus look like a horse? We don't think so either. Yet, when some kids go to summer camp, they spend as much time riding on buses as they do horses. Camp Anokijig is one of those rare camps, which actually has a horse program located entirely on-site. That means when our campers are offered a horse ride, that's exactly what they get.

Camp Anokijig's Ranch program has a herd of more than 50 horses, which means there are always plenty of opportunities for our campers to go on a ride if they'd like to do so. Camp Anokijig offers several horse rides each day, which are open to all campers and riders of all skill levels.

When we say horse ride, we should explain exactly what that entails, because not all horse rides are the same. Camp Anokijig sits on nearly 400 acres of land in the Kettle Moraine area of Wisconsin. This allows us to offer more than 20 miles of private riding trails, through forest land, rolling hills, meadows and lakeshore areas along Little Elkhart Lake.

We believe there is something about the outside of a horse that is great for the inside of child. We believe our campers deserve the best experience we can offer them around our horses and we don't believe that translates into a glorified version of a fairground pony ride. Campers on Anokijig horse rides get out on our extensive private trail system and go somewhere. Camp Anokijig's trail system is expansive enough, that even a 30-45 minute horse ride can feel like an adventure into a wilderness area.

Perhaps the best part of Camp Anokijig's horse program is our price. Campers entering into 7th grade or older can spend an entire week in Camp Anokijig's Ranch Program for just $57 over the price of our Resident Camp. Campers entering into 4-6th grades can spend an entire week in our Circle A Rider program for the same price.

Even if a child doesn't want to spend the entire week in Ranch Camp or Circle A Riders, children in Camp Anokijig's Resident camp program can still ride the same horses on the same trails for about $10-$12 per ride.

Camp Anokijig's Ranch Program is such a tremendous value, because we do everything in-house. We don't spend extra money on transportation costs to shuttle our campers to and from an outside facility. We don't pay fees to outside contractors. We don't spend extra money buying all of our feed, because we grow most of it ourselves. We don't spend extra money leasing out pasture and farmland, because we have our own.

That all translates into an incredibly comprehensive horse experience at a fraction of the cost found elsewhere. Come see for yourself!

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