Saturday, November 25, 2017

Investing in the Anokijig Staff Experience

Camp is for the campers. This is nothing new. We’ve heard this all before. The activities, the friendships, the memories are all geared towards the young boys and girls who spend a special week with us each summer. But, let’s be honest. Without the dedicated staff to engage with the campers and teach valuable life skills through the programs, the archery range is just a field with bows and arrows and targets; the waterfront is just boats and paddles. Without our staff members to develop and facilitate these programs, we can’t have Camp! 

Here at Anokijig, we recognize the efforts and sacrifices our staff make and are taking steps to better meet some of their needs. Many of you currently are or have been Anokijig staff. You probably can relate to the long hours, hot sun, and running the summer marathon. This year, starting with #GivingTuesday, we’re putting the needs of our staff at the forefront. We’re on a mission to raise $1,000 as a start to improving the Camp Anokijig staff experience.

Here are a few things we’re considering:
  • ·       Erecting a seasonal staff lounge area to provide space for relaxation, socialization away from campers, Wi-Fi, and space for charging of electronics.
  • ·      Subsidizing and/or covering the cost of laundry for staff members
  •      Investing in a group off-site experience to give our large seasonal staff an opportunity to connect, grow friendships, and have a shared experience outside of the staff-training and the orientation period

After some feedback from our summer staff at the end of 2016, we closely examined our staff experience. We observed many staff members purchasing simple items out of their own pockets to make their jobs easier. Therefore, in 2017, much to their surprise and
appreciation, we provided our staff members with Anokijig storage clipboards to help keep them organized and Anokijig lanterns to assist them in the living sections. Investing in our staff members and showing them that we support them and care about their basic needs (even as simple as a clipboard and lantern) helps create a better working environment, open lines of communication, and overall better attitude. When staff members feel heard and valued as an important part of the Camp community, they are better able to take care of the campers and provide quality programs and experiences. And really, that’s why we’re all here. Camp is for the campers.

Please join us this #GivingTuesday, November 28th, 2017, to help us give back to the ones who give so much of themselves. Let’s invest in our staff so that they can be the best they can be. Give back to the Staff!

Thank you!

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