Saturday, June 5, 2010

Leadership Training- Free of Charge!

Did you know Camp Anokijig offers a comprehensive leadership training program free of charge? It's true and it's one of our most valuable, but least-talked about program areas. Many camps charge a fee for this training, but we have always believed this life skill is too important to restrict only to those who can afford it.

Many of the staff members who go through our program move on to careers in fields involving education and mentoring youth and Anokijig's leadership program and the experiences they have here are often the catalyst for that career path. We once lived in a world (and country), where military service was required of our young people. While we are thankful for the sacrifices made by previous generations, we still acknowledge that the leadership skills and training those generations learned through military service to our country are still needed today. That's not to say we put our participants through boot camp, but they do learn many valuable lessons and skills that many of today's young people simply are not exposed to at all.

Our senior staff is already at Camp and we're just wrapping up our lifeguard training. We can't thank our wonderful donors and supporters enough for making these programs available to all who are interested. If you'd like to learn more about our leadership training and staff opportunties, please visit this link-

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