Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thank You Marquette University!

We often talk about the massive amount of volunteer support Anokijig receives each year (more than 50,000 hours per year). We don't do this to brag, although we are very proud of the generosity of our supporters. We do this to thank our supporters and remind people that we need their help to make this place successful.

When people ask us how a "private camp" like Anokijig can afford to charge half of what most private camps charge, the answer is simple- volunteers. Our legion of volunteers helps keep Anokijig affordable for summer campers, family campers and groups.

Today we welcomed a group of 32 volunteers from Marquette University, led by Dr. Toby Peters. Almost all of these volunteers were students and many of them will soon participate in another volunteer outreach program Marquette sponsors, which provides medical care to people in Honduras.

These volunteers jumped right into action at Anokijig, cutting burdock out of the pasture around Victory Hill, setting up a canopy for our upcoming Fallapalooza event and splitting wood down at the Supply Shed. The work was physically demanding, but these great volunteers were up to the task. The consensus from our staff is that they are welcome back to help out anytime.

Thank you Marquette University for all your hard work at Camp Anokijig! If you have a group that would like to come volunteer at Anokijig for a half or full day, please give our camp office a call at 920-893-0782

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