Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anokijig is Starting To Fill Up!

The opening week of Anokijig's summer camping sessions is now just a few weeks away and Camp is buzzing with activity as summer staff begin to arrive and training sessions ramp up.
This is also the time of year, where many families make a mad dash to reserve spots at Anokijig, while there are still spots to be had. The good news is that there is still room left in Anokijig's resident camp, but it might not last much longer. The last six weeks of Anokijig's summer camp (July 5th-August 15th) have historically been very popular with summer campers and this year is no exception.
Weeks five and eight still have room, but that may not last much longer. There is only one spot left for Ranch Camp in Week 8 and Mini-Camp in week 8 is close to capacity as well. Mini-Camp is also filling up in weeks 4 & 6, but if you call Camp soon at 920-893-0782, you can still reserve a space. Circle A Riders Camp is also close to filling up in Week 6.
Our Competitive Swim camp in Week 4 is completely full and our Stamper program is completely sold out for the entire summer, with the exception of a few spaces in Week 1. If you wait too long, you may not get your first choice for weeks or programs, but there are still other camping options available.
Last weekend's Taste of the Outdoors event was a huge success and many families heard about Anokijig's new family camping weekend at the end of August. Our Memorial Day, Labor Day and Fall Colors weekends have many repeat campers, who book early, but our August Get-Away weekend is in it's first year, so there are plenty of spaces available. For more information on family camping, you can visit Anokijig's web site here- http://www.anokijig.com/09family.htm

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Erin said...

I know camp works very hard to expand capacity and ensure that no child who wants a camping experience has to be turned away for lack of space. Even still I cannot help but smile to hear that we are doing so well that we're bursting at the seams already. Hooray for Anokjig!!