Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Filling Out the Forms...

It's that time of year again. Just when we think the burden of filling out all those tax forms are behind us for another year, parents get hit with the task of filling out even more forms for summer school, baseball teams and yes, Camp Anokijig.

As parents fill out their forms for Anokijig, we ask them to keep a few things in mind-

  • Please be neat. If your handwriting looks like it belongs on a prescription form, consider filling out one of our online forms, which can be found here- . Some forms may need to be completed by hand, so please take your time and consider writing in all capital letters. This often makes handwriting easier to read.
  • Please double-check your forms. Little things like the wrong zip code can slow down the registration process and cause unnecessary aggravation for everyone. We also need accurate zip codes for determining camper demographics. This information helps us decide things like where to schedule stops for the camp bus, potentially saving families time and money. Service organization who help Anokijig, like the Kiwanis and Rotary clubs, also like to know if Anokijig serves children from their communities or neighborhoods.
  • Please fill out all the information. Why do parents need to fill out employment information? The main reason we ask, is so we know how to contact parents in the event of an emergency. If a parent tells us they work at Wal-Mart, but doesn't include contact information, that really doesn't narrow things down for us very much. Another reason we ask, is because we often apply for grants from corporate foundations and professional associations. Many of these groups restrict their giving to organizations who serve their local communities and we are often asked if any of their employees or families come to Anokijig. We never share anyone's personal information, but simply being able to say "yes" to that question can make a huge difference for us.
  • Please plan ahead. Some of our session options are already beginning to fill up and our last six weeks of summer camp have traditionally sold out. Please don't wait until the last minute to register your children. Also, keep in mind that we need current medical information on your child and that may require an updated physical. Many doctors are booked out weeks in advance for physical exams, so please plan accordingly. For everyone's safety, we cannot allow children to come to Anokijig without current medical information.
  • Please double-check your confirmation information. When you receive your confirmation by mail or e-mail, please make sure it is correct. Did you really sign Betsy up for Fishing Expedition and Trent for Scrapbooking? If something got mixed up, don't hesitate to call us right away at 1-800-741-6931.
  • Please call if you have any questions. Our office staff is on duty Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 5PM Central time. You can contact them by phone at 1-800-741-6931 or by e-mail at

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